Ways to serve

Parish Advisory Boards
Buildings & Grounds
This is the Buildings & Grounds program description.
Finance Council
The Parish Financial Council consists of a body of lay people established to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Council assists the Pastor in prudent planning and administration of all parish financial matters and in the setting of policy and establishing procedures to provide effective management of the parish assets. The council is composed of the Pastor and lay members of the parish who are knowledgeable and skilled in financial matters. Members are appointed by the pastor.
Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council represents St. Cornelius parishioners and serves as a consultative body which advises and assists the Pastor in areas of pastoral concern, including the development and implementation of a parish pastoral plan through consensus and prayerful reflection. It fosters participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the Church.

The Pastoral Council meets once a month from September through June or as announced. Elections/appointments are held annually in the spring. Members must be Catholics in good standing, registered and active parish members. Members are either elected or appointed and serve a three-year term.

The Pastoral Council carries out pastoral planning in collaboration and cooperation with the parish staff, committees, groups, and parishioners. As the pastor consults with the Council, so the Council itself consults with other parish leadership and parishioners in its planning processes. The Pastoral Council is rooted in prayer, open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, committed to patient listening and study, and works to recommend the plans and directions that will enhance the quality of parish life and promote parish vitality.

Music Ministries
Adult Choir

The Adult Choir performs on Sundays and Holy Days.

Practice is normally conducted on Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Looking for 

  • Alto
  • Soprano

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Glory Band
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Praise Band

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PREP Choir
This is the CYO Choir program description.
Young Adult Choir
Praising God in song is essential to full participation in the liturgy. Musicians, cantors, choirs, and music groups help to facilitate and direct the participation of the congregation by leading them in song as well as helping them to pray through psalmody and reflections. Help with this ministry can be through any of the following ways: adult choir, children's choir, contemporary guitar groups, cantors, organists and other instrumentalists. This ministry is open to all youth who demonstrate musical talent and confidence.
Youth Choir
This is the Children's Choir program description.
Liturgical Ministries
This is the under construction adult  description.
Altar Servers
Altar Servers are called to assist the priest and deacon, and in a very special way, provide unique witness by their participation in the Holy sacrifice of the Mass. All boys and girls that are in fourth grade through high school are invited to participate as Altar Servers. Training is provided for new servers.
Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist
Extraordinary Ministers distribute the Body and Blood of Christ in the celebration of the Eucharist. They may also take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. This ministry is for more mature Christians whose lives are marked by the characteristics of Christian discipleship, who have received approrpriate catechesis and are invited by the Pastor to participate.
Funeral Ministry



Funeral Ministry is a parish organization that provides volunteers to assist with the celebration of the funeral liturgy.  Have you ever wanted to be an altar server?  This could be your opportunity.  Funerals are generally celebrated at 10 am; so if you have the occasional morning available, we could use your help.


Training will be provided.


Please call the Parish Life Center to volunteer.

Hospitality Ministry



Volunteers are needed for all the Masses, especially the 5pm and 7pm, to help meet and greet, help hand out hymnals, hand out bulletins after Mass, collect the hymnals and help with the collection.

Please consider volunteering – does not have to be every week – we can work out a schedule.


Training is provided “on-the-job”.


Please call the PLC and leave your name, phone number and email, if you have one.

Wedding Ministry



We are looking for volunteers to help with wedding rehearsals and/or weddings.  Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 6pm and weddings are sometimes on Friday evening and on Saturdays.  As a growing parish, we are celebrating more and more weddings and are in need of some help.


We would also like to have a group of adults who would perform the ministry of altar server just like we do for funerals.


Training will be provided and a schedule set up for coverage of rehearsals and weddings.


Please call the Parish Life Center to volunteer.

610 459 2502

Community Life