Ways to serve

Parish Advisory Boards
Buildings & Grounds

St Cornelius Buildings & Grounds Committee

The St. Cornelius property comprises not only four major buildings – the Church, the Parish Life Center or PLC, the school, and the rectory – but includes substantial acreage with numerous lawns, gardens, woodlands, hardscape, and parking areas. Property maintenance is significant, and requires careful planning, budgeting, inspections, vendor relationships, and many other aspects.

In order to provide proper overview, perspective, and care of the property a Buildings & Grounds Committee (B&G) was established in late 2017. The Committee generally meets monthly to review any significant upcoming expenditures, to plan future expenditures, and to offer as much additional support possible to parish staff.

B&G Committee members serve a 3 year term and are selected for knowledge or expertise which may be helpful to the parish. Parishioners who have useful skills and would be willing to serve should make this known to one of the current B&G members.

Current members of the B&G Committee as of Spring 2019 are:

Msgr. David Diamond                                  Ron Tessing

David Talley                                                   Al Fonash

Andrew Cressman                                        Tom Burke

Pete Johnson                                                

Finance Council
The Parish Financial Council consists of a body of lay people established to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Council assists the Pastor in prudent planning and administration of all parish financial matters and in the setting of policy and establishing procedures to provide effective management of the parish assets. The council is composed of the Pastor and lay members of the parish who are knowledgeable and skilled in financial matters. Members are appointed by the pastor.
Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council represents St. Cornelius parishioners and serves as a consultative body which advises and assists the Pastor in areas of pastoral concern, including the development and implementation of a parish pastoral plan through consensus and prayerful reflection. It fosters participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the Church.

The Pastoral Council meets once a month from September through June or as announced. Elections/appointments are held annually in the spring. Members must be Catholics in good standing, registered and active parish members. Members are either elected or appointed and serve a three-year term.

The Pastoral Council carries out pastoral planning in collaboration and cooperation with the parish staff, committees, groups, and parishioners. As the pastor consults with the Council, so the Council itself consults with other parish leadership and parishioners in its planning processes. The Pastoral Council is rooted in prayer, open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, committed to patient listening and study, and works to recommend the plans and directions that will enhance the quality of parish life and promote parish vitality.

2019 Pastoral Council Members

  • Lisa Daughen, Chairperson
  • Jon Lippard, Secretary
  • Agnes Argus
  • Kathy Carney
  • Chris Fahey
  • Franca Felcher
  • Kevin Hicks
  • Peter Kosciewicz
  • Len Leschinsky
  • Joanne Morris
  • Craig Sanders

                                    Ex Officio Members

  • Deacon Harry Morris
  • Deacon John Todor
  • Deacon Richard Wirth

Parish Mission Statement

We, the members of the parish of St. Cornelius within the Roman Catholic Church, in response to our Baptismal call to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, seek to bring Jesus to the world and build up the Kingdom of God.  We are nourished and sustained by the Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith.  We strive to cooperate with the Grace afforded us by a loving God. It is with devotion that we pray through Mary, the Mother of the Church, to follow her Son with trust and confidence.

We carry out this mission and enrich the spiritual body of our parish by providing an outstanding parochial school, and PREP education, Bible study groups and lectures, an inspirational music ministry, CYO sports, and a myriad of activities focusing on family-inclusive parish celebrations.  We express our appreciation for God's many gifts by performing acts of charity and engaging in volunteering activities throughout the year.

Music Ministries
Adult Choir

Adult Choir

Requirement:   Dedication to practice and Mass schedule. Ability to read music a bonus but not required.  

Practice:  We meet each Wednesday evening 7pm to 8:30 pm. We start in September and sing until Pentecost Sunday. We are off during January.                                      

Mass Schedule:  We alternate between the 9am Mass on Sunday and the 5pm Mass on Saturday. We also sing for special parish celebrations, Christmas and the Triduum.  

Perks:  You would be part of a group of enthusiastic men and women who form a community of spiritual, musical and social support for each other as we praise Our God and serve our parish through the gift of music. 



Anyone who truly enjoys singing and would like to be part of this group is most welcome.  Simply contact Margie Melchiore at




Audition is mandatory.  Ability to sing on pitch and read music is essential to this role.  Rehearsal is independent and scheduled with music director. Cantors are encouraged to join one of the five groups involved with the music ministry of our parish.

Glory Band


5 PM   Contemporary Group Glory Band

Practice:    Sunday evenings at 4pm in Church 

Requirements: Instrumental or vocal participation; ability to read music and harmonize; audition required for this group.

Mass Schedule:  Every Sunday 5pm Mass throughout the year; combine with other groups for special events.



Any person who would like to accompany our vocalists or one of our groups at any one of our Masses is most welcome to contact me for an audition.

Contact Margie Melchiore at

Praise Band

Looking for a competent guitarist to audition for this group! 

11 AM   Contemporary Group    Praise Band

Practice: Thursday evenings at 7pm - every other week.

 Requirements:         Instrumental or vocal participation.  Ability to read music and harmonize.  Audition needed for this group.

Mass Schedule: Every Sunday at the 11am Mass from the Sunday after Labor Day to Father’s Day. Off for the summer. Christmas Mass at 4pm


PREP Choir

PREP Youth Choir 

Practice:   Every Wednesday from 5:15 until 6:00 pm when PREP  is in session. 

Requirements:       The students enjoy singing and actively participating in the  roles of music ministry,                                    

Mass Schedule:       The PREP choir joins with the school choir for:  Occasional 9am Masses throughout the year.

Christmas Mass at 4pm

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Mass at 9:00am

First Holy Communion Masses 

Perks:   Become part of a musical family who share in spiritual and musical enrichment while offering praise to God and participating with His people in joyous song.  Develop ability to cantor and to train for future leadership roles in music ministry.



Young Adult Choir

Young Adults

Practice: One hour before the Mass that is being sung! Cantors and instrumentalists may need to meet an additional time.

Requirements: Instrumental or vocal participation. May be high school, College age or beyond! Audition on instrument required.

Mass Schedule: Monthly 5pm Mass in the winter 11am Mass each Sunday during the summer. Also: Christmas Mass at 6pm; Palm Sunday and Easter Mass at 9am.

Perks: Become part of an enthusiastic high school / college ensemble that enjoys harmonizing and playing for the Lord! Develop abilities to cantor and to train for future leadership roles In the Church’s music ministry!


Youth Choir

School Youth Choir 

Practice:   Every Tuesday from 12:00 till lunch time.

Requirements:    The students enjoy singing and actively participating in the roles of music ministry,                                         

Mass Schedule:       Holy Day Liturgies at 9am and monthly school MassesChristmas Mass at 4pm;  Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Mass at 9:00am; May Procession, First Communion, and Graduation Choir

Perks:   Become part of a musical family who share in spiritua and musical enrichment while offering praise to God and participating with His people in joyous song!   Develop ability to cantor and to train for future leadership roles in the Church’s music ministry.


Liturgical Ministries
Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist
Extraordinary Ministers distribute the Body and Blood of Christ in the celebration of the Eucharist. They may also take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. This ministry is for more mature Christians whose lives are marked by the characteristics of Christian discipleship, who have received approrpriate catechesis and are invited by the Pastor to participate.
Funeral Ministry



Funeral Ministry is a parish organization that provides volunteers to assist with the celebration of the funeral liturgy.  Have you ever wanted to be an altar server?  This could be your opportunity.  Funerals are generally celebrated at 10 am; so if you have the occasional morning available, we could use your help.


Training will be provided.


Please call the Parish Life Center to volunteer.

Hospitality Ministry



Volunteers are needed for all the Masses, especially the 5pm and 7pm, to help meet and greet, help hand out hymnals, hand out bulletins after Mass, collect the hymnals and help with the collection.

Please consider volunteering – does not have to be every week – we can work out a schedule.


Training is provided “on-the-job”.


Please call the PLC and leave your name, phone number and email, if you have one.


Lectors participate in proclaiming the Liturgy of the Word at each Mass.

New lectors are always welcome.

Please call the PLC to volunteer or click on the contact on the right side of this page and we will follow up with training.

Vatican City, Jan 31, 2018 / 05:36 am - On Wednesday, Pope Francis spoke about the importance of the Liturgy of the Word, and the resulting importance of having lectors who can proclaim the readings and the Responsorial Psalm well.

“We must look for good readers!” he said Jan. 31, in off-the-cuff comments during the general audience.

Good readers and psalmists understand what they are reading and can convey it well, he continued, explaining that they need to be prepared by reading over the text before Mass.




When someone reads well, not “distorting the words,” this helps to create “a climate of receptive silence,” he said, which is important, because “it is not enough to hear with the ears, without receiving in the heart the seed of the divine Word, allowing it to bear fruit.”

On this note, Francis emphasized that it is also important that we are staying focused and listening to the readings with an open heart, not looking around at different things or making chit-chat.

“When they read the words of the Bible – the first reading, the second, the responsorial psalm, the Gospel – we must listen and open our heart,” he said. “Because it is God himself who speaks to us. Do not think about other things or talk about other things.”

Other things which are not appropriate during the Liturgy of the Word are the substitution of a non-Biblical text, or omitting a reading, he said.

Liturgically, when the same readings are proclaimed in each church, it is a way of fostering “ecclesial communion,” he said, and for this reason, it is wrong to make “subjective choices” in this case.

“Replacing that Word with other things impoverishes and compromises the dialogue between God and his people in prayer.”

The Pope recounted hearing of someone who would read the newspaper at Mass, “because it is the news of the day.” This is not okay, he said. “The Word of God is the Word of God! We can read the newspaper later. But there we read the Word of God.


Every part of the Mass is significant, including the Liturgy of the Word, which is when “God speaks, and we listen to him, and then put into practice what we have heard.”

And “we need to listen to him!” he emphasized. “It is in fact a matter of life,” just as it says in the Gospel of Matthew: “one does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.”

Just like in the Parable of the Sower, where we hear about the different results of the seeds that fall on different terrain, “the action of the Spirit, which makes the response effective, needs hearts that allow themselves to be worked and cultivated, so that what is heard at Mass passes into daily life,” he said.

In fact, we must listen to the admonition of James the Apostle, the Pope continued, who tells us to “be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves.”

Francis explained that the Word of God, especially as we hear it at Mass, is important nourishment for our daily lives. “How could we face our earthly pilgrimage, with its labors and its trials, without being regularly nourished and enlightened by the Word of God that resounds in the liturgy?” he asked.


Wedding Ministry



We are looking for volunteers to help with wedding rehearsals and/or weddings.  Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 6pm and weddings are sometimes on Friday evening and on Saturdays.  As a growing parish, we are celebrating more and more weddings and are in need of some help.


We would also like to have a group of adults who would perform the ministry of altar server just like we do for funerals.


Training will be provided and a schedule set up for coverage of rehearsals and weddings.


Please call the Parish Life Center to volunteer.

610 459 2502

Community Ministry
Blood Drive


Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood.

Blood cannot be manufactured - it can only come from generous donors like you!

Blood drives are held in the Spring and Fall at St. Cornelius.

For more information, contact Marilyn Gustin at 484-947-7295 (cell)

Consolation Ministry

The Ministry of Consolation

A St. Cornelius community response to the needs of people grieving the death of a significant person/persons in their lives.  The ministry honors the words and example of the Lord Jesus:  “Blessed are they who mourn; they shall be consoled.”  (Matthew 5:4).  A team of three trained St. Cornelius church members are the facilitators for the consolation ministry. 


Sessions are held the third Saturday of every month from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in the Bethany Room at the Church. 

Please contact Joan Holliday at (610) 717-2180. 

Faith Community Nursing (FCN)

    Mission Statement

To provide health outreach to St. Cornelius and the community in a way that integrates the practice of faith with the practice of health, so that people can enhance their wellbeing, with and through the faith community.

See" I will not forget you.......... I have carved you on the palm of my hand"   Isaiah  49:16

Activities and Programs

Sponsoring Health and Healing Related Programs
Referrals to Community Programs
Support Groups
Network with Other Parish Ministries

Faith Community Nurses Provide .............

Home, nursing home or hospital visits
Consultation on health issues and referrals to needed services
Spiritual and emotional support
Caregiver support
Health education and counseling

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

A Registered Nurse, who responds to a "Spiritual Call" to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual need of our parishioners. 
The nurse is responsible to the pastor and works with him, other church ministries, and the Holistic Health Team to meet the needs of the congregation and community.

The Nurse can...

Comfort, restore, explore options, and refer, give hope, listen, provide health education and screening to prevent health problems, give spiritual care, and ...........Pray.

Health Seminars

Health Seminars


Health Seminars are arranged by the Faith Community Nurses four times a year. A periodic survey is conducted to learn about the health topics of interest. Past presentations included the following topics:  Alzheimers & Dementia; Dieting Fads; the Sacrament of  the Anointing of the Sick; Cardiac Health; and Trusts and Wills. The presentations are held in the morning at the Parish Life Center.

Stay tuned for the next scheduled presentation on Fall Prevention.

Stay Independent!!! Do you have concerns about falling? 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will experience a fall.  This number increases to 1 in 2 after the age of 75.  Please join Katie Kuffner from the Chester County Health Department to discuss risk factors for a fall, prevention and strategies to stay safe.  Safety is a choice – make the decision to be as safe as possible.

Please register by leaving your name and telephone number at (484) 732-8842 (Marilyn Gustin) or by email at

Helping Hands & Hearts
Helping Hands and Hearts

This ministry offers temporary help (Meals, Home Visits, Laundry, Errands, and Light Cleaning) to individuals and families in need.

If you are aware of someone in need or would like to be a volunteer helper, please contact Marilyn Gustin at 484-732-8842.

Home Visiting